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  1. Hello David
    This letter is in response to the Wall government’s plan to roll back public sector wages and hold them there for 4 years. Speaking for myself, as a single income household, this would be devastating. Most of the SEIU employees are making below $60,00.00/year and many are at $45,000.00 and lower. As I work toward my retirement and struggle to pay down my debt, I am left contemplating working into my 70’s. I have worked for over 30 years in healthcare. I have been a single mother who always just missed the cut off for any subsidies and have not been able to get ahead no matter how hard I have worked. Please fight this. At the very least ensure that people who make maybe, under $75,000.00/year are protected. Especially single income households!

  2. Roll back MLA’s and all government workers salaries and pensions! Try living on less than $20,000/year with 2 children on Social Assistance disability program and can never pay off their debt or even dream of a retirement plan or education for their children!
    Seriously politicians continue to give themselves and Government Employees pay increases, while cutting back on those most vulnerable and unable to stand up for themselves. Children are being ripped from loving families, while addicted and street kids and families are being catered to with everything for free, even their next drug fix.
    This Province is extremely backwards. Instead of whining about your $45,000 you and the MLA’s and all other government department personnel take off $10,000 from your salaries and allow a single person on social services disability a decent living income, because I would like you to try an find a place to live on $459 a month! That is the shelter rate allowed to disabled people on Social Services or on the regular Soc Services Program.
    The system is so flawed the rich get richer and the poor are homeless and are left to die on the streets. Yes, those same streets that you well off government workers whine and complain about having to look at with all the rubbies hanging around with no where to go!
    Maybe make a point of lending a helping hand with your high wages, instead of whining. You have no idea how bad your life could be!

  3. We are doing a school project and looking at Local issues related to our provincial government of Saskatchewan . So in the issue where you did not have a enough people working in the government that had disabilities, I was wondering why do you need people in the government that have disabilities?
    Noel, grade 7

  4. David:

    As long as you can as the MLA for Saskatoon Centre I want you to bring a bill forward to either stop the clawbacks while working while receiving TEA, SAP or SAID. If they can’t accept that then 10% taken out only. This a person will know exactly how much is going to be missing. This way a single person or you family will be able to hopefully get ahead a bit.

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