Thanks for stopping in at my website!  The fall session of the Saskatchewan Legislature began on October 23rd when the Sask Party government’s Throne Speech was presented. The Throne Speech shows that Scott Moe is again letting people down by failing to address the crisis in Saskatchewan classrooms and emergency rooms. The speech relies heavily on pointing to increased investment since 2007, while ignoring recent cuts, failures and scandals.

In the Legislature, our leader Ryan Meili and the Saskatchewan NDP caucus team bring a strong and consistent focus on putting people first by standing up for students and teachers against the cuts to education. We have also raised concerns over unacceptable wait times and patients being forced to stay in the hallways of our overcrowded hospitals.

We know that Scott Moe and the Sask. Party’s cuts and underfunding of the things that matter have hurt people and our long-term prosperity. As New Democrats we will continue working hard to hold them to account and renew Saskatchewan with good jobs, good public education and smart social investments.

We are happy to see a commitment to jobs and growth in the Throne Speech, however my NDP caucus colleagues and I would like for Scott Moe and the Sask Party government to acknowledge that sustainable growth requires real investment in people.

This government has bragged about increased education spending since 2007 but ignores the fact that per-student funding has fallen each of the last three years. While Scott Moe and his team are concerned with federal politics and the past, our Saskatchewan NDP caucus will continue to focus on putting people first and looking towards building a better future, right now.

I am honoured to serve as the critic for Labour; Workers’ Compensation Board; the portfolio of Ethics & Democracy and Diversity, Equality & Human Rights. As well as serving as deputy chair of the NDP caucus.


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