Due to The COVID – 19 Global PANDEMIC

We are supporting calls for Physical Distancing & other effective public health practices. To help stop the transmission of Covid – 19 our office is now closed, and we are working from home.

We are encouraging constituents to call us at 306 244-3555 or email us at dforbesmla@sasktel.net

Thank you for your co-operation

The Spring session has been adjourned due to the Global Pandemic of Covid 19.

With many people facing lay-offs or reduced income, we are calling on Scott Moe to provide direct, immediate financial aid to Saskatchewan people. The province needs to prioritize speed with a far-reaching aid package.

The plans released to date leave too many falling through the cracks. To keep our economy afloat and to ensure people are able to cover their basic needs, we need the province to take quick action.

β€œThe decision to allow lay-offs without notice or pay-in-lieu will leave workers without any way to pay their bills as they wait for EI,” said Ryan Meili. We are calling for action to help people.

The Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the provincial government to release a plan to assist low-income and vulnerable people, including providing safe housing for people accessing shelters.

Specifically, we are calling for immediate shelter for those in need, funding for community-based organizations to provide emergency support services and ensuring that social services call centres have the capacity to meet the needs of clients.

The province needs to work with employers to guarantee frontline workers in essential services access to clear physical distancing protocols, adequate protective equipment, along with access to childcare and other supports to enable them to do their jobs safely.

Small businesses are the key drivers of our economy and they are faced with incredible hardship. We need to act to support entrepreneurs and local businesses to ensure that they and their employees can get through this difficult time and so that they can rebuild.

As the Official Opposition, we are proposing these measures with the health and well-being of Saskatchewan people as our top priority, and we stand ready to help the government develop the best plan to support Saskatchewan people during this difficult time.

Be safe!


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