Thanks for stopping in at my website! As Premier Wall leaves the Legislature for the last time, his Sask. Party government continues to make Saskatchewan people pay for Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal and waste.

Even on the last day, the Sask. Party continued to dodge questions about their GTH scandal and the millions of taxpayer dollars that were wasted. They refused to explain how some of that money ended up in the pockets of Sask. Party supporters or answer to the continued loss of jobs in Saskatchewan and the heartless cuts to education and healthcare.

There are 6,400 fewer jobs than a year ago, the Sask. Party’s cuts are deepening the growing crisis in the North, families are struggling to make ends meet and small businesses and municipalities are being forced to pass on the Sask. Party’s cuts and tax hikes to the rest of us. It’s clear the Sask. Party government has forgotten who they work for.

The Sask. Party has let down and attacked the people of Saskatchewan in so many ways, including:

  • Increasing education property taxes, but decreasing the amount of government money that goes to classrooms by over 120 million dollars;
  • Increasing taxes for Saskatchewan families, forcing them to pay more for everything from children’s clothes to food, insurance, and even a case of beer;
  • Selling off STC, hurting families, farmers, and small businesses who rely on their service, and throwing 224 people out of work;
  • Cutting funding and removing local control for Meewasin Valley Authority.

There are twice as many Saskatchewan people – 40,000 – looking for work than there was when the Sask. Party first took office, and in the last year alone, 6400 full-time jobs were lost.

In addition to standing up against the Sask. Party, we also brought forward a number of proposals to bring positive change to the province including a Private Members Bill that will get big money out of Saskatchewan politics by updating Saskatchewan’s outdated and broken campaign finance laws.

I am honoured to be the labour critic as well as being newly appointed to the Ethics & Democracy portfolio and Human Rights, Equality and Diversity.

Again, it is my pleasure to serve as the caucus chair.

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