At the Legislature

In the Legislature highlights the questions and speeches I have made regarding the action of the current government and the Private Member’s Bills I have presented in the House. As well, I have included my Member’s Statements, these are short accounts that profile the great people and events of Saskatoon Centre.

Stanley Knowles, a noted CCF/NDP MP from Winnipeg, once said “a full and unquestioned recognition of the rights and functions of the opposition to the government is required to protect the rights of minorities; only in this way can you make sure that the force of public opinion is brought to bear on the legislative process.”

I agree and so much of my work as an opposition MLA and government critic is to ensure, through active scrutiny, that the government’s actions are accountable, transparent and fair. If you have any questions or comments as you read through this section please send me a note.

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Private Member’s Bills

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