NDP Leader Cam Broten shuffles NDP Caucus

Some NDP MLAs will have a new role today when the assembly resumes sitting with Cam Broten leading the official Opposition.

“I met individually with each of the MLAs on the team, and we are all excited about making today a new day for the NDP,” said Broten. “Shuffling shadow cabinet responsibilities is about matching each NDP MLA with the issues they have a passion for – the areas in which they think Saskatchewan can do better, especially when it comes to long-term sustainability and smart growth.”

Highlights of the changes include John Nilson’s appointment as health critic and Warren McCall taking on the post-secondary education file.

Broten has also created a new role, the critic for diversity, equality and human rights issues and asked David Forbes to take on the responsibility.

On Sunday, Broten announced that he had asked Trent Wotherspoon to be his deputy leader. Cathy Sproule will serve as the NDP’s house leader.

“I started the shuffle knowing that I never want to pass up an opportunity for the NDP team to grow or do better,” said Broten. “I think this shuffle hits the mark, and I’m very confident that the MLAs I’ve asked to take on new jobs will really deliver for the people of the province.”

Broten will handle critic duties for executive council, First Nations and Métis relations, intergovernmental affairs, and immigration.


Cam Broten: Leader; Critic for Executive Council, First Nations and Métis Relations, Intergovernmental Affairs, and Immigration.

Trent Wotherspoon: Deputy Leader; Critic for Finance, Economy, Trade, Global Transportation Hub, and Government Relations.

John Nilson: Deputy House Leader; Critic for Health, Seniors, Justice, Corrections and Policing, and Crown Investments Corporation.

Buckley Belanger: Deputy Whip; Critic for Highways and Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, and Saskatchewan Telecommunications.

Warren McCall: Chair of Public Accounts; Critic for Advanced Education, Central Services, Information Services Corporation, Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation, and Provincial Capital Commission.

David Forbes: Caucus Chair; Critic for Education, Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Workers’ Compensation Board, Housing, and Diversity, Equality and Human Rights issues.

Doyle Vermette: Whip; Critic for Northern Saskatchewan, Parks and Sport, Tourism Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Transportation Company; Deputy Critic for First Nations and Métis Relations.

Danielle Chartier: Deputy Caucus Chair; Critic for Early Learning and Childcare, Social Services, Community-Based Organizations, Arts and Culture, Status of Women, Saskatchewan Government Insurance, Public Service Commission, and the LEAN Initiative.

Cathy Sproule: House Leader; Critic for Environment, Agriculture, Saskatchewan Power Corporation, SaskEnergy Incorporated, Water Security Agency, Saskatchewan Water Corporation, Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation, Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, and Office of the Provincial Secretary.

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