Cabinet shuffle must end entitlement culture

The Leader of the Opposition is calling on the premier to end the culture of entitlement growing throughout his government as he considers a cabinet shuffle.

“Mr. Wall needs to change the culture of his government, and set a new tone for his cabinet.” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “It’s not just about who is in cabinet – it’s about using this shuffle to create a new culture – one that’s respectful of taxpayer dollars.”

Shocking expense and entitlement scandals have been surfacing. Deputy Premier Krawetz used a British Heritage Tours limousine for days without asking about the price. Social Services Minister and Sask. Party founder June Draude took a family-and-friends trip to Ghana and the United Kingdom and slotted in a few, unnecessary meetings in order to bill taxpayers for their meals, luxury hotel and chauffeur. Paul Merriman demanded the Saskatoon Food Bank pay him to campaign for the Sask. Party, and pressured the charity for other payments when they refused.

“Government MLAs obviously affected by the sense of entitlement in that government’s culture – like Draude, Krawetz and Merriman – should not be appointed to cabinet,” said Broten. “But, the culture comes from the top. We don’t know how many bogus expenses and outlandish demands Mr. Wall’s government is responsible for, but we know the change has to start with the premier and his attitude, and a cabinet shuffle is the time to do it.”

Broten said he has been shocked to see the Premier stand by his MLAs when their unjustifiable expenses and selfish actions were exposed by the NDP.

“It’s time for the premier to stop defending entitlements for government politicians and start defending Saskatchewan families. A lot of people are looking for relief from the high cost of living and the extra costs the government keeps piling on. There’s such a disconnect between what Mr. Wall seems to believe he and his cabinet deserves, and what he seems to believe everyday Saskatchewan families deserve.”

Broten added that there are must-haves for the cabinet shuffle.

“I want to see a new minister of health that will use common sense and end the fat, cash cow Lean consulting contracts, $3,500 a day Lean senseis and $17 million Kaizen Promotion offices. It’s also time for a new minister of education that will start to show respect to educators and our children – that includes listening, and it must include cancelling the Lean claw back the government’s using to take dollars out of the classroom.”

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