Broten shuffles NDP critic duties

August 29, 2013 · NDP caucus communications

Opposition Leader Cam Broten has shuffled the critic responsibilities of the NDP MLAs.

“I want to take every opportunity to build a strong, forward-looking Opposition” said Broten. “Matching MLAs’ critic duties with their strengths and the issues they’re passionate about will make us even stronger.”

Broten will keep the portfolios he took on when he was elected leader, including executive council, First Nations and Metis relations, intergovernmental affairs and immigration.

Among the changes, Danielle Chartier, the MLA for Saskatoon Riversdale, moves into the health and seniors portfolio and deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon, a teacher, adds the education portfolio to his critic duties.

“Seniors care and education are my top priorities because this government is seriously failing to hold up its end of the deal when it comes to those critical services,” said Broten. “Danielle and Trent are eager to demand better for Saskatchewan families.”

Broten and the NDP MLAs spent the summer listening to the serious concerns of Saskatchewan families, and will use the fall session of the legislative assembly to demand accountability and action from the government.

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